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Robin William Easterby is based in Battle, in the beautiful creative county of East Sussex, in the UK.
His paintings are expressive with textural, playing with abstraction, but still hinting to impressionism producing full and all encompassing images. 
His focus is with in landscape, and most recently ancient woodland, dramatic seascape and bright maximalist floral subjects.
His work will enrich your home or business adding atmosphere, drama and imagination to your space.

I started 20 years, ago as and quickly became a passionate amateur and now I regularly sell my work across Europe and through the UK. 

As an painter and artist I am passionate about celebrating the wild and natural world.

I create large and small original paintings, limited edition prints and home furnishing objects just as rugs, cushions and items made to order.

I enjoy creative collaboration and commissions with brands and individuals who are looking or that series or one off piece to to hang on your wall. 



My Story


My work has always been inspired by the elements and the natural world.

I feel compelled to celebrate all its facets, seasons and details.

I make work that is both abstract and impressionistic reflecting the real world but made for my accumulated imagination.

i work to evoke a sense of a memory or a feeling of a beloved or remembered place, enticing you, the viewer, to enter into my quiet are some how familiar places. 

These are made up of acrylics, oils, watercolour, pencils, pastels, rattle-cans and house paints that are mainly on shaped board and canvas. 

I often add found materials such as leaves, seed heads, pine needles, pebbles small fossils, soil clay and sand adding 3d areas through the piece taken form locations that have given me an idea for a composition. 

Fine art limited edition prints are now available on demand in fresh and original designs inspired from my travels in a range of sizes and finish all deriving from the original work. 

My titles come from music, film and books, 

I am particularly drawn to outsider artists, the irreverent ones like Turner, Bacon, Schiele, Richter, Twombly, Kiefer, Nolan and Hockney. 

It calms my busy mind and I hope you enjoy the work as much as I do when I'm making it for many years to come.

Love, peace, and paint 



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