Here is a bit about me, 

I was fortunate enough to be born in the North of England and had the Yorkshire Dales as my playground when growing up. Although always a creative type, I was not inspired to pick up a brush until my mid-thirties one empty Saturday afternoon 17 years ago, and I have not stopped moving paint around in one way or another ever since. 

I have been fortunate enough to have had several successful shows in the UK and abroad and I've sold privately ever since I started painting.

I decided to focus on being a landscape artist, originally inspired by the Impressionists and their approach to seeing the world in a new light and shaking up the more traditional view of the world.  

I take my influence from the real and natural world but my titles come from music, film, and books, The detail and textures in my everyday wanderings invigorate the work.  

I am particularly drawn to the Outsider artists, the irreverent ones like Turner, Schiele, Richter, Twombly, Kiefer, and Nolan.

These giants have driven me to push the parameters of what landscape painting is today.

I conjure scenes that are made up acrylics and pastels blending hopefully into collaborative  alchemy. 

I enjoy coaxing my imagination as I tussle with the images as they form in front of me. 

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to hold on to what I like and share it with the wider world. 

I have experimented with wood, canvas, and board and have worked with every kind of paint, pastel, pencil, and ink, and some less orthodox mediums and chemicals, often with surprising results, some of which you will see on this site and my Instagram.

And I've recently ventured in to producing limited prints. 

I  enjoy the freedom of play and happenstance and I welcome accidents. I hope to keep painting until I can no longer do so, because I like this kind of madness, and everyone should have some of it in their life. 

Love Peace and Paint 

Rw X 


Rw Easterby at work

Photograph @christianbanfield

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