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Hello and welcome to my site. 

Here is a bit about me, 

I am a Yorkshire man at heart and after a long time in London, I now live in Battle on the edge of some of the most accent woodlands in the country. My everyday wanderings invigorate the work when I'm out exploring with our two lurchers Baxter and Willow. 



My Story

My work has always been inspired by the natural world.

I love creating texture and adding detail to increase depth and atmosphere in all my work. My focus is predominantly on wooded landscapes, abstract seascapes and full floral imagery.

I  create framed and unframed work and prints which you will find on this site. 

My titles come from music, film, and books and I am particularly drawn to outsider artists, the irreverent ones like Turner, Bacon, Schiele, Richter, Twombly, Kiefer, and Nolan.

I enjoy conjuring up scenes made up of acrylic paint, watercolour pencils, and oil pastels mainly on board and canvas. 

I want to make work that adds an abstract richness and vibrancy and evokes a memory or a feeling of a beloved or remembered place. 

I have to paint, it calms my busy mind and I hope you enjoy the work as much as I do when making it. 

I enjoy collaborations and I'm always open to new commissions and working with new and interesting people

Love, peace, and paint 





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities for collabs, group shows, and commissions. So let's connect.

(0) +44 07815 195 525 

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