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Latest Press 

Aspect Country; August - Full interview on my practice and the first time a started to paint on canvas,

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Wealden Times; July - Full interview on why we love living in East Sussex and why we left London to create new artist life with an idea to encourage creative pursuits.

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News about gallery shows,

events Art fares, and special projects past, present, and future: 

Summer Art Fair15th July as part of the Battle Festival 

I have worked with a wide range of local and very talented makers and artists who will be showing 

alongside my own smaller abstract pieces and a new series of prints. 

2023 Showing- July. Greenfinch Ticehurst  Gallery. 6-8 pm

Wood series Talk with me about why I'm so inspired by the local ancient woodland and their importance to me as an artist and why it's so important for us to look after and respect these special places with drinks a Q&A.

2023  -7- 14th April Good Friday and Easter Saturday

Sam Peacocks Studio / Gallery 

Battle High Street Tills Yard. 

showing new coast series (in the tondo style,) circular on board, framed and unframed large and small pieces.

2023 Showing February - July. 

Wood series inspired by everyday exploring ancient woods. 

Greenfinch Ticehurst  Gallery.

2022 -Senlac studio Gallery Battle, East Sussex  Summer pop up.

2022 -Spring - Showing New life collection at Greenfinch Ticehurst East Sussex. 

2022-Senlac studio Gallery Battle,  East Sussex  Winter pop up 

2021 - Relocated to East Sussex and Moved house  - so I  had to build my new studio and house :)  

2020 Covid  Sold privately.  

2019 - C99  Art Project - London, UK  28th Nov - 20th Dec (Sold Out)

2019 -Aubergine, Ibiza, July 8th to August 8th ((Solo show)  

2019 - Atzaro, Ibiza, July 9th - 15th (Solo show) (Sold Out)

2017 - 2018 worked on a series of new collections for European shows in Four seasons hotel Madrid And Milan. 

2016 - 2018  Landscapes on The Underground (Book) part of initiatives to capture micro details that created landscapes on the platforms of the London Underground sold privately. 

2016 – Aldeburgh, Suffolk - x 2 weeks October 
(Group show) 

2016-April,- Hampstead Burgh House, London  
(Group show) "Faces and Places"

2016 - February, - Craft Central, Clerkenwell, London  
(Solo show)  

2015 April, - West Bank Gallery 
(Group show) 

2013 Jan, - C99 Kensal Rise,
(Solo show)  “In my Element” 

Sold privately since 2008 

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