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I am a fine art & interior design artist, my work is predominantly on canvas and wooden board, with a new range of limited-edition abstract prints now available.


All my work reflects seasonal, elemental, atmospheric, imagined, emotional, abstract, and impressionistic paintings in mixed media all of which are inspired by woodlands, landscapes, coastlines wild flowers, and water.

I am especially interested in textures and details, bringing nature and the wilder world to life with gestural, energetic, and unique mark-making and in some cases added found materials from the original place of inspiration.


I have been a painter for 18 years and sold privately and exhibited around The British Isles and across Europe. 



This is an original painting, on canvas, painted in acrylics, oils, pastels, and many other household materials.


This was painted on a trip to Kent, after coming across a glutch of vibrant foxgloves in an open wood, that led the eye up a hill to the clear blue sky. 


Dimensions: in a slim painted trip wooden frame. Ready to hang.

Portrait style -

W - 31 "/78.74 cm
H - 41 "/104.14 cm

A larger frame can be included at an addtional cost and besoke for each piece, options to be discussued upon request.

Up To The Hill (2022)

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